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Intermarble was started in 1985, by Roberto Arteaga. He started his marble and granite fabrication shop to provide custom-made countertops, vanities, fireplaces, and other interior innovations. In 1994, it expanded into the name of Intermarble Fabrication Corp, also branching out with a new showroom in Great Neck, NY Intermarble Inc. in 1995. Our showroom has stone quality selections of over thousand different kinds of selections, including ceramic, porcelain, limestone, slate, etc.

We specialize in natural marble and granite interiors.

Many homeowners and business concerns in this area have used natural marble in different ways to add a touch of elegance to their home or business. Everything from marble window sills, shower seats, walkways, foyers to vanities, countertops, and fireplaces.

"They have also found the expense can be quite reasonable" Port Washington News.
We carry a large selection of stone in beautiful colors from around the world. At Intermarble, we can demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of both marble and granite.
We can explain what each can be primary used for and what is the outcome you will receive by investing in either one.

We carry slabs imported from all over the world, such as Brazil, Portugal and Italy.

Marble Furniture - Care and Cleaning:

Marble may be stone, but it is porous and stains easily. Wipe off anything spilled on marble immediately, just as you would from a wood surface... Read more »

Marble is stone that is generally polished and used in fine building work, furniture, or decorative art. It may be white or colored. It is porous, and easily stained. Marble is etched by acids. Wipe off anything spilled on marble immediately, as you would on a wood surface... Read more »